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Where do you invest? 

We invest at the earliest stages in founders either from or based in the Nordic and Baltic countries – a region we have dubbed the New Nordics. However, we occasionally invest outside this geography if we meet an extraordinary team.

What do you invest in?

We invest in early-stage technology companies. We invest in globally-ambitious founding teams who are conscious about their impact on the world. 

At what stage do you invest?

As early as possible. We like to be the company’s first investor. Our sweet spot is pre-seed and seed.

Do you lead rounds? What is your ticket size?

Yes. On average, our ticket size ranges between EUR 500K to 4 million.

What are the 8 Ts?

The 8 Ts is the framework we use to evaluate companies. The purpose of our 8 T framework is to structure and clarify our thinking about your company and the opportunity it represents. It’s not a checklist where you need to tick off every box, but, we encourage you to consider how you can address each of the Ts. Read more here.

What do you mean by being impact-aware?

We believe that superior financial returns will come from investing in companies contributing to a better Tomorrow. As an impact-aware fund, we aim to strike a balance between pure impact and responsible investing. That means two things: 1) we only invest in founders who demonstrate a commitment to running their business responsibly (e.g., integrate ESG considerations into their operations/decision-making) and 2) we prefer to back startups that build products/services with a positive social and/or environmental impact. 

Read more about our 8th T - Tomorrow - here.

Do you syndicate with other investors?

Occasionally, when it makes sense. For example, if we see that our competencies and network are complemented by those of another investor or VC fund, we love to bring them along.

How many new investments do you make in a year?

Approximately 8-15.

Are you actively investing?

How long do you take to decide?

It depends on a few things, but typically our process stretches 2-4 weeks.