An entertainment app revolutionizing the dating scene for Gen Z

Smitten is the dating app for Gen Z and everyone else who believes online dating should be fun and entertaining. By turning users’ personalities into a source of entertainment and games, Smitten makes it as easy as swiping to get into a fun conversation. Smitten, founded in Iceland in 2020, is on a mission to create a happier world. Smitten aspires to become the world’s leading cause for hot dates, relationships, and babies in the coming years.

“Going beyond the current dating experience, Smitten allows singles to interact with each other in a more fun and interactive way, increasing the chances of meeting new great people and having meaningful interactions. The unique app coupled with a strong founding team, made this partnership a slam dunk for us. We have extremely strong conviction that Smitten can become a leading entertainment product. So strong that we sent them a term sheet shortly after our first meeting with them - when you know, you know.” - Sebastian Johansson

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