byFounders Whistleblower Policy

Welcome to our whistleblower policy and reporting portal where byFounders employees (including management and board members), collaborators, and business partners can report potential or actual violations of the Danish Money Laundering Act and rules issued accordingly by byFounders. With your help, we can ensure our integrity and reliability.

The whistleblower system can also be used if you experience abusive behavior within the company, including bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment or other unwanted behavior or bad tone.

The whistleblower reporting system must not be used for deliberately false accusations against individuals and no knowingly untrue information may be reported.

All reports are treated strictly confidential. For more information, see the “Privacy Policy


What can be reported?

Violations of the Danish Anti-Money Laundering Act:
In the whistleblower system, you can report potential or actual violations of the Money Laundering Act and rules issued accordingly by the company (including employees or other members within our community i.e. the byFounders Collective and portfolio companies).

Employees’, collaborators and business partners’ well-being:
Conditions such as bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, or other unwanted behavior as well as poor behavior etc. can also be reported here.


To ensure that you are anonymous, observe the following:

  • If possible, do not report from a PC provided by your employer.
  • Do not use a PC connected to your corporate network/intranet.
  • Access the whistleblower system directly by copying or typing the URL into an Internet browser instead of clicking on a link.
  • Don’t write your own personal information.

Create a mailbox

When you submit the review, you have the option to choose that you want to be available for further investigation by creating a secure mailbox.

We recommend that you make yourself available as we may not be able to process the case without further information from you.

When you create a mailbox, you are assigned a case number and you choose a password yourself. You use these when you log into the mailbox to see if any questions have been asked of you.

Whether you’re anonymous or typing your name, we ask you to create a mailbox. This makes it safer and easier to communicate with us.

All communication is, of course, anonymous if you wish.

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