Improving the Kubernetes developer experience

Garden helps platform teams, DevOps engineers, and SREs to improve the Kubernetes developer experience and speed up tests, builds, and CI pipelines—all without spending ample time on building in-house tools. Garden prompts its users to enable Kubernetes developers to move faster from the first line of code all the way to production.

“Companies that create the building blocks of our future always excite us, and Garden is redefining software development as we know it. By making cutting-edge tooling much more available to developers, at any company size, they are effectively democratizing the development process, allowing developers to spend more of their time where they can really create value. Having skilled founders, like Bjarne Christiansen from Realm, available to them via the Collective, we feel confident that we’re in a good position to contribute to Garden’s further growth.”

- Eric Lagier, Managing Partner

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