Enabling companies to drive more revenue through marketing and sales

Outfunnel is a marketing tool that helps to drive revenue. It syncs up sales and marketing data, giving salespeople more context about leads, freeing marketers of managing data by hand, and offering insights on what’s working (and what's not).

“When we make an investment decision, we carefully evaluate the founding team and consider how we can help them move forward. Andrus and his team’s experience from Pipedrive enabled them to spot a gap in the market - one they were uniquely positioned to fill. By connecting sales and marketing in an affordable and simple way, Outfunnel is leveraging the founders’ insight to build a solid value offering for SMBs. Outfunnel was our first investment in the thriving Baltic ecosystem, and we made sure to quickly connect them with luminaries such as Robin Daniels, CMO at Matterport (ex WeWork, LinkedIn, +++) from our Collective, who have invested alongside us and also sits on the board in the company”.

- Eric Lagier, Managing Partner

INvested in
Invested with
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Collective contributions
Robin Daniels
WeWork, Salesforce, Box, Linkedin
Sten Tamkivi
Skype, Teleport

Meet the founders

Andrus Purde


Markus Leming


Andris Reinman

Head of Infrastructure

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