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Dazzle Rocks, a Helsinki-based mobile games studio founded by industry veterans, empowers players globally to shape their own worlds while fostering positive social interactions. Their flagship game combines immersive social experiences with sandbox elements, appealing to diverse markets and incorporating female-friendly UI/UX. Powered by a scalable proprietary engine, their technology supports virtual world building, a robust economy, and real-time social communication during gameplay, ensuring adaptability for future developments.

"We love Dazzle Rocks' mission of creating social games that attract a diverse audience: in particular female players, which is growing exponentially. Their strong understanding of the Eastern and Western markets make them uniquely positioned for success. By connecting the team with some of the most experienced founders in the gaming space - David Helgason (Unity), Bodie Jahn-Mulliner (SYBO), and Dino Patti (PlayDead), who are all part of our Collective - we are happy to provide both capital and operational support. We are grateful that Dazzle Rocks has chosen to be on this journey with them."

- Eric Lagier, Founding Partner

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