Eliminating energy waste in buildings with AI

Ento Labs makes it fast and easy to optimize energy consumption and make real progress towards zero-carbon buildings. By using already available smart meter data and advanced machine learning algorithms,  Ento Labs  automates the identification of potential savings across any number of buildings. To ensure a successful outcome, the system supports the implementation efforts and automatically verifies the results.With a fast growing database of buildings, energy professionals and successful savings, the Ento Labs network will enable unprecedented speed and scale in the energy optimization sector - an extremely important aspect of the transition to a net-zero society.

"When you have a super bright team that is solving a massive problem in a huge market and is all about building a better tomorrow, it was obvious why we should invest in Ento. Ento helps energy managers identify, prioritize and verify energy and climate optimizations, without additional hardware or manual inspection, using ML architecture and smart meter data. It's plug and play, only takes a few minutes to get started. The detailed dashboard with automated suggestions and action points shows how you can end up saving millions."

- Eric Lagier, Founding Partner

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