Empowering households to reduce energy consumption for a healthier planet

Greenely is an energy management tool and mobile app empowering households to reduce residential energy waste, save money, and take smarter actions for a healthier planet, by enabling them to track and compare their electricity consumption, receive a clear overview of their energy consumption, easily purchase renewable electricity, and get intelligent analysis into their energy efficiency. Greenely serves more than 160,000 households in Sweden and the UK.

"We believe in empowering consumers to make smart and economic choices. If it's also the economically most favorable choice, than that is a no-brainer. Greenely funnels sustainable energy to people's homes and lets them adjust their behavior according to when demand is low, which also helping to balance the grid. We're very impressed by the Greenely team and what they have accomplished so far."

- Tommy Andersen, Managing Partner

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