Fixing stock options for remote contributors through tokens

Salto X is building a remote-friendly alternative to stock options to retain talent globally.  Salto X gives transparent access to equity compensation to contributors regardless of geography through a process streamlined via blockchain technology. Powered by smart contracts, the Salto X platform makes it possible for companies to give out tokens to their employees and other contributors that can be cashed out in case of a liquidity event, such as an IPO, or by selling it to other parties after vesting.

“Talent today demands a sense of ownership and companies want to incentivize top talent to stay, which is why we’ve seen a rise of widely used employee option programs. However, with companies going global and setting up remote work practices, it’s proven too complex and costly for many to implement a regular ESOP.We’re therefore very excited about backing SaltoX - led by the uniquely capable founders Elise, Tanya, Krists, and Ragnar - on their mission to simplify and transform employee incentives.”

- Sara Rywe, Partner

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Meet the founders

Elise Sass

Co-Founder & Legal

Ragnar Sass

Co-Founder & CEO

Krists Avots

Co-Founder & Finance

Tanya Chaikovska

Co-Founder & Marketing + Community

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