Word-of-mouth is a key factor in evaluating traction in early- and growth-stage startups but despite its importance, the channel is not well understood by founders.

Cello is the world’s first user-led growth platform that helps SaaS businesses the ability to rapidly grow word-of-mouth into a valuable acquisition channel. Whether a company is product or sales-led, SaaS companies are able to add a new ROI-positive, scalable channel in hours instead of months, without the need to manage any operational overhead.

Cello’s platform redefines how incentivized referrals work in SaaS, by privately incentivizing users with a percentage of all the net revenue (MRR) they refer. This unique recurring commission approach results in bullet-proof fraud prevention, zero payback period, and a positive return on investment.

"The fastest growing companies already rely on self-engineered growth loops to amplify word-of-mouth. Cello’s approach revolutionizes the opportunities available to SaaS companies, by enabling them to unleash the real potential of the channel. It’s a product that couldn’t be better timed with the current market trends."

- Eric Lagier, Managing Partner

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