September 3, 2023

Redefining Kubernetes with Rig.dev's Open-Source Application Platform

Rig.dev secures a record $2.2M in pre-seed funding to enhance Kubernetes app development, led by byFounders. This marks a new chapter in building and scaling applications effortlessly.

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Redefining Kubernetes with Rig.dev's Open-Source Application Platform

This post was originally published on rig.dev. Rig.dev actively seeks feedback, bug reports, and feature requests in their Rig.dev Community –  join them there!

Announcing our pre-seed round

We're excited to announce that we've raised a $2.2 million pre-seed round – one of the largest ever in Denmark - to enable fast-moving development teams to build and scale applications on Kubernetes. The round is led by byFounders - a leading Nordic early-stage VC - with participation from TinyVC, Dreamcraft, NP-Hard Ventures, The Nordic Web, and a group of notable angel investors.

"We are excited by their take on how to rethink developer platforms by carefully choosing the right abstraction layers and introducing workflows and automations that eliminates the complexity of building and scaling application without causing platform lock-in and limiting developers. On top, we are impressed by the team - not only their level of ambition but also how well the two founders complement each other in terms of skills" - Martin Krag, Partner at byFounders.

Launching an application platform for Kubernetes

After months of user research, designing, and developing, we are now emerging from stealth and launching Rig.dev - The  application platform for Kubernetes.

With Rig.dev we empower developers to work in their own environments with elevated application abstractions, while still leveraging Kubernetes's reliability, portability, and scalability. Our developer-friendly deployment engine simplifies the process of rolling out, managing, debugging and scaling applications. The platform includes a Dashboard, CLI, and CI/CD pipelines that seamlessly integrate with GitHub Actions.

Why we started Rig.dev

We have experienced the immense power of platforms like Kubernetes in streamlining infrastructure management. However, through firsthand experience, we have seen how such technologies often suffer from being misunderstood and underutilized.

Additionally, too many developers are wasting valuable time reinventing generic and repetitive features and infrastructure environments - we've been there ourselves.

We founded Rig.dev to rethink the developer platform landscape by eliminating the complexities associated with building, deploying, and managing applications on Kubernetes at scale.

We want to empower developers in fast-moving companies to focus on engineering that matters - without locking them into a specific vendor or restricting them in what technologies they can use to build their product. In short, we are building the solution that we always wanted ourselves.

What the future holds

We couldn't be more excited about the future at Rig.dev. Every day we see the need for what we're building, and we can't wait to get our platform in the hands of as many development teams as possible.

We've got ambitious plans in store as we've entered the second half of 2023. Our roadmap is packed with value-adding features that we will release quickly throughout the rest of 2023.

Get involved & show your support

We're overwhelmed by all the support we've received so far — from our investors, network, and the developers we've talked with along the way — and can't wait to see what the next generation of cloud-native developers and companies will achieve with Rig.dev.

We'll actively seek feedback, bug reports, and feature requests in our Rig.dev Community – so please join us here!

This post was originally published on rig.dev.

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