March 2, 2023

All for One and One for All - Camille Steps up as Principal

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Camille Zivré to Principal, recognizing her outstanding contribution to our investment team.

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All for One and One for All - Camille Steps up as Principal

Since joining us in November 2021, Camille has proven herself a valuable asset with exceptional energy and kindness.

Camille is a highly appreciated advisor and board member to many of our portfolio companies. She continuously proves her dedication and passion for her work, always striving for excellence. Camille's ability to challenge the status quo and seek out visionary founders building something life-changing has been instrumental to our investment decisions.

A Highly Valued Colleague and Board Member

According to Sara Rywe, partner at byFounders,

"I feel honored to work with Camille daily. She's an unstoppable force who always puts the team first and proactively supports where needed. We could not have asked for a better colleague, and I am proud to have her step up as Principal at byFounders." 

Camille has led several of our investments and, through that, helped expand the byFounders family with brilliant founders whom she is supporting along the way. “It’s hard to know if you are doing a good job. But it's easy to see if you are doing a lousy job. Ask the founders you work with; they are your customers and will test your competencies and dedication

We did just that, starting with Aumio’s co-founder Jean Ochel: 

“Camille is a great asset on our board. She's super supportive and super bright. No surprise that she's promoted to Principal. Congrats!"

William Pontoppidan, the co-founder and CEO of Francis, added,

“Camille brings a unique blend of insight, enthusiasm, and experience to her role as an investor. Her honesty and ability to ask the right questions make her an invaluable team member.”
The byFounders Stockholm Team: Magnus Hambleton, Sara Rywe and Camille Zivré

From Self-Awareness to Courage

It's clear that Camille was raised in line with the ethos of Alexandre Dumas: “All for one and one for all, united we stand, divided we fall.”

From our side, Camille's curiosity, people and cultural interests, and passion for exploring the unexplored have made her a one-of-a-kind culture bearer at byFounders. She lives by her values - integrity, responsibility, caring, risk-taking, and team playing. She is also a lifelong learner seeking new challenges and experiences.

As she puts it herself, “It hasn’t been a super straightforward journey, definitely more a proactive one, directed by a (painfully) high level of self-awareness and a pinch of courage to quickly iterate: changing countries, teams, workflows, environments, and, frankly, quality of sleep several times.

But, she adds,

The journey has taught me that there is no one way to find, pick and grow the future unicorns that will make the best use of LPs capital and create 100x value for everyone.
On the contrary, I firmly believe there is plenty of room for new ways to operate VC firms and for more diversity and contrarian mindsets to challenge our venture world”.

As Camille takes on her new role as Principal at byFounders, we are excited to see how she will continue impacting our team, portfolio companies, LPs, and the overall tech ecosystem, bringing a warm French breeze along the way. Congratulations, Camille!

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