Bridging the gap between companies and long-tail podcast hosts

Zvook is the first AI platform matching advertisers with podcasts. The global tool is an easy, transparent, and data-driven way for podcasts to monetize and for brands to easily find podcasts that match their target group.

"Zvook solves monetization for the long tail podcasters who do not yet have the listenership to land ad deals with brands on their own. While host-read ads seem to be the golden egg, brands are hesitant to strike deals with non-major podcasters, and they face difficulties scaling across many podcast shows. Coordination is messy and there's no good solution for discovery and matching. The super strong founding team of Anna (CEO) and Malik (CTO) has built a proprietary recommendation engine and knowledge graph building on audio analysis and machine learning that helps brands find the most relevant podcasts in seconds, and facilitates the buying of host-read ads. By offering podcast bundles that mix large shows and niche podcasts, long-tail creators are finally able to monetize."

- Martin Krag, Investor

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