Combining mobile and robots to create entirely new real food experiences

Squarely targeted at the younger generation, BonBot has developed a modular retail food concept with a sophisticated mobile front-end and a robot powered store which, combined, make for a fun and delightful food experience. ”By using robots and automation we will be able to have our staff to be focused on the most important thing, which is to make sure that you as a guest get an amazing experience, says Thomas Hartwig, CEO of BonBot.

"Building the next big restaurant franchise, enabled by robotics and mobile-first user interfaces, is not an easy task to take on. Still, with Levina, Driss, Jonas, and Thomas in the driver's seat, we are super eager to support them on their journey together with Stride VC, Sweet Capital, and some strong angels by our side."

- Sara Rywe, Investor

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